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My vision combines all the Communication Arts and Art in communication. I continue to explore Poetics with modern technology. With over 30 years as an artist, my interdisciplinary poetry, shows, recordings, and films have explored themes that reveal, resonate, reconstruct and revive the concept of 'poet as maker'.

Creating in today's world, I continue to advocate for the arts while embracing artistic principles to resolve differences and foster understanding and growth.

For it is in exactly this way, I do continue to inspire and be inspired. As an innovative poet and producer of multi-media, I foster in both my art practice, and in comtemplative ways, eternal action through art. Leading and sharing with others my techniques to develop their own process. I do this through my residency programs, community affairs, and with the general public.

Guest artist residency at FIU, for their Graduate Creative Writing Program, 1993.

Artist in Residency and mentorship program with apprentice Poet, Simone.

Poet and Playwrite in performance: Telling Tales Theater presented at Victory Gardens Theater. Story of The Gift of Light. Writing and mentorship, incorporating performance poetica with apprentice and performing with entire ensemble, Six Stories Up, 1999. Two week run at Victory Gardens.

Rose Virgo

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