Poetica & Alternative Healing Workshops

"From Light came forth a holy WORD which took its stand
upon the watery substance of chaos."

The Poemander
by Hermes Trismegistus

Currently, organizations wanting more information about the Poetica process and the Hydro Therapeutic Speech and Movement Model that Virgo has developed may contact her for a time & place of upcoming sessions. To arrange a demonstration or individual session, fees must be pre-paid to purchase the floatation device. Program leads adult participants in non-invasive and healthy practice for arthritis suffers and those with limited mobility. Done in water.

This neuro-muscular-skeletal SP model is not competitive with any other formula. Which leads the participants to: It is encouraged to be undertaken within the context of all alternative healing, not to replace necessary medical care but in conjunction with all self-healing, self discovery and self- therapeutic work.

Long Term Benefits:
It increases mobility. It relieves pain. It improves chemical imbalances. It stimulates the vestibular system and balances servo-spinal inconsistencies. Developed patterns increase all rhythmic nuances within the body's ability, better functioning within body, mind and speech. Art of the ancients, research and alternative healing interconnected within the plan. The process defines itself for each participant.

Poet in the Park With 4 Ravens Paints

With a mask and a feather
choreographed in from the future
sitting right next to your ear
when I am memories
watching your grandchildren
temple goddess not from antiquity

Princess in the pea
not I
not headless
or veiled
Writing poems which have
settled in red dust
from Boomers and A - bombers
Dick never loved Jane, it was a metaphor

Speak oracles to the moon
poetry is
a dance of a thousand Buddha sounds
off the tongue of Shiva singing the stars expansive journey home to
the heart of humanity locked within the cosmic soul of Now
elusive as smoke
choking your breath
tearing your eyes
addictive as your mind
becomes a path
unravelling on another path
of it's own creation

If you read me
Poet be thy name you may say
while you
pick the smallest lilly
poking it's head
through the rocks
beneath your feet
This who we may meet
somewhere in time

Virgo re-dedicates this particular piece to the W.H.O. (The World Health Organization) and in memory of those lost in the September 11th, 2001 disaster. It was authored and crafted originally prior to the birth of 3 of my 4 grandchildren.
This painting poem was made prior to any knowledge of grandchildren to be born in the year 2000. Or that there would be 3. Or any of the remarkable and extraordinary circumstances of those births, yet to be known, including the miraculous recovery of 5 members of my immediate family.

Poetry and painting may hold a way for individuals to get a true communication within. While both poem and painting honor the resiliency of mothers and new born life, they express more than that.

Rose Virgo

Performances and Products are Available.

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