The New Hemingway Biography - The Letters

Some Words on Rose Virgo's "Hemingway Letters" video - review by David Madgalene:

In The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, Gertrude Stein tells us about the young Ernest Hemingway she met in Paris in the 1920's. He was a sensitive young man, a daring experimental writer. It was to Stein's regret that Hemingway didn't write about the "real person" that he was, instead he wrote about a half-mythical hypothetical macho construct, a glorified self-image rather than the truth, if you will, that came to be known as the Hemingway Hero. Perhaps, as well, Stein wistfully notes, there would have been little if any audience had Hemingway wrote of the sensitive young artist with macho pretensions, that what the public wanted and what the publishers saw they got was the macho myth. Stein tantalizes us with her avowal of the "real" Hemingway but it isn't until many years later via Rose Virgo's Hemingway Letters video, drawing upon unpublished family documents for the first time, that we see for ourselves an indication of the Hemingway Stein claimed to know. Hemingway speaks for himself and of himself in letters to his estranged sister and shows a naked vulnerability and compassion that is nowhere else to be found in his writings. Virgo's video is a straightforward twenty minutes, not a lot of computer graphics, but having watched it, we will never think of Hemingway in the same light. I have found myself haunted by this "new" Hemingway, one who gives the lie to the Hero.

"We can't ever go back to
old things, things past
get the 'old kick' out of something
the way we remember them
fine and wonderful
but those
old things are nowhere (now)
except in our minds...."

E.M. Hemingway

Beyond Elvis

with Jack Johnson (Poetic Parody)

Lady La Orleans

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Virgo's view of the Big Easy

Holy Voodoo City of Low Laying Lake
Flying wild as the Egret
singing the blues all day, all night long
all year long
turning long, soft mornings into lazy afternoon phrases

Blame Not the Lute

Poet David Madgalene's translation of a pre-Shakespearean verse.

Birth of a Poet

Poet Virgo's Poetry Video

Virgo's Short Poetry and Literary Films are shown in conjunction with her multi-image shows and Poetica installations.

Rose Virgo

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